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Welcome to The Bardot Eyelash Academy!

We provide eyelash extension courses and materials used for eyelash extensions, and basic rules of working in the lash industry.


Katherine Gray

Founder/ owner  of Bardot Lash House, Kitchener-Waterloo’s first specialty lash bar, Katherine is a beauty specialist with a passion for the details.  Working as an aesthetician for over 15 years, she has a passion for lashes and has been pursuing the art of masterfully creating custom lash looks for the last 10 years. Katherine’s received the nod of approval from both Xtreme Lash Canada and Vienna Lash – and has gone on to teach her craft with high praises at Waterloo’s Gina’s college.

Polina Leshchynska

Professional lash technician who represents European school of lash extensions.  Having started as a specialist of classic extensions, Polina quickly mastered many styles and now specialized on customized sets. Hired by Katherine Gray she was able fully change her career only 8 months and become well known lash tech in Waterloo region!


Course #1
“Classic Lash Extensions”

In this course, you will learn about process of eyelash extensions, materials that used for eyelash extensions, and basic rules of working in the lash industry on-line. Approximate time: 7 hours.



  • What is eyelash extension?

  • Parameters of the artificial lashes.

  •  Materials and tools for eyelash extension.

  • Eye characteristics and different styled of lash extension.

  • Work with adhesive and correct lash application.

  • Health and safety.

  • Video of the lash application process 

  • Test


This course is for you if you have never done lash extensions before but you are willing to learn as well as if you are a lash tech beginner but you wish to correct mistakes and practice under the guidance of an experienced trainer.


Online eyelash extension training is a complete course that allows you to get all the necessary knowledge and fundamental skills of the lash technician. Thus, it gives you an opportunity to check your knowledge and gain your certification.


Take this course on any device and spend as much time learning the material as you need. This course is easy to combine with any personal schedule and determine the time and the place of the training on your own.

Course #2
“Classic Lash Extension”

(In person training, Course #1 must be completed first)

In this course, you will learn about process of eyelash extensions, materials used for eyelash extensions, rules of working in the lash industry, tricks to speed up without sacrificing quality, and business tips on how to get your first customers with one of our best educators. Approximate time: 14 hours.



  • Preparation of the lashes for lash extensions

  • Eyepatch application 

  • Correct way of the single lash selection

  • Correct way of lash application and work with glue 

  • Practice on one model guided by lash educator

  • Work on troubleshooting


  • Training is guided by a certified, practicing lash specialist

  • All materials needed for training are provided

  • Flexible training schedule

  • Teaching room meets all the necessary requirements

  • Free consultation after training

Whether you are new to the lash industry or you are already a lash technician and want to update or supplement your knowledge, this course is for you.


After completing this training program, you will have the full knowledge how to provide classic lash extension services. 

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